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September 29, 2016

“Perhaps, God wanted to raise the standards for His angels. Or divinity needed more pick-up lines. Whatever the reason, one of the country’s most loved senators is now gone. Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago has shown the spiritual endurance of a leader elected by heart, and adored by many. The Senate, and our lives, will be boring without her. But then, her laughter will echo through the ages to remind us to set the bar high, and higher, because there can never be another Miriam; but that shouldn’t stop us from constantly levelling up.”

“I never made it to the Senate but I made it to her very short list of personally endorsed candidates, and that alone was enough to make the entire political experience worthwhile. She will always be the gold standard for every aspiring senator.”

Issued by Susan Ople, OFW advocate and one of the senatorial candidates that Sen. Miriam endorsed in the 2016 elections; Ka Blas and Sen. Miriam were the best of friends, who exchanged letters and talked about the books that were on each one’s reading lists. 

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