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Ople Center condemns tragic events involving OFWs


July 22, 2014


Below is the official statement by Blas F. Ople Policy Center and Training Institute headed by Ms. Susan “Toots” Ople in reaction to the latest spate of tragic incidents involving Filipino workers abroad:

“The OFW sector condemns the beheading of a Filipino construction worker in Libya and the missile attack that downed a commercial plane in Ukraine, killing three Filipinos, and more than a hundred other passengers, in that violent incident.”

“More and more, the lives of our overseas workers are being drawn into and threatened by conflicts not of their making in countries where hostilities continue to escalate.”

“We condemn such senseless violence committed by still unknown assailants on migrant workers whose only desire is to help loved ones gain a better, brighter future.”

“We call on the Philippine government, notably the Department of Foreign Affairs, to use all diplomatic channels and forums to make known our unwavering position for the protection of all migrant workers, especially in conflict areas around the world.”

“We also call on the government to provide a unified package of assistance to the bereaved families, and to ensure that justice is obtained in their behalf.”

“In the long term, we reiterate our call on our government to prioritize and implement policies that will broaden job opportunities here at home, so that Filipinos need not be coerced by dire circumstances in their country only to risk their own lives finding work on foreign soil.”

“Finally, we urge all Filipinos to offer prayers for the safety of our modern-day heroes in Libya, Gaza, Afghanistan, Syria, and other such high-risk areas around the world.”




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