Cases Solved

(updated as of June 22, 2011)

Leticia from Qatar (case closed as of May 6, 2011)
Leticia is a 46-year old Pangasinan native who traveled to Qatar to work as a baby sitter. Last April 30, 2011, she passed away. The nurse who took care of her at the hospital in Qatar reported Leticia’s death to her daughter. With the help of the BFO Center, as well as DOLE-Labor Communication Office and DFA- Overseas Workers Welfare Association, Leticia’s family was able to repatriate her remains to the Philippines by May 6 of the same year.

Jenelyn from Malaysia (case closed as of May 10, 2011)
Jenelyn is a Human Trafficking victim from Malaysia. According to Jade, her sister, Jenelyn had been brought to Malaysia to work as a Domestic Helper instead of Singapore. Hearing this, the Center quickly responded by sending a letter to the Labor Attache. After a few days, Jade texted the Center and said that her sister had been allegedly under the custody of the Philippine embassy in Malaysia. The Blas F. Ople Policy Center had confirmed the safety of Jenelyn by directly hearing it from the Labatt.

Adelfa, the mother of Jenalyn and Jade, had gone by to the ‘Bantay OFW’ radio program so that she may a chance to talk with her daughter. Through the Philippine embassy in Malaysia, tears of joy and at the same time sadness dropped within the conversation of the mother and child. The Labatt talked to Adelfa and told her that Jenelyn would be picked up in the embassy and be brought to the Philippines. On May 10, 2011, a relative of Jenelyn called and informed the Center that Jenelyn had arrived in the Philippines.

Menalyn from Kuwait (case closed as of May 13, 2011)
Originating from the Batangas, Menalyn had worked as a DH in Kuwait since March of 2009. Under the ASAP Agency Corporation, she worked for a rich employer the first time she arrived at the country, but couldn’t take the amount of excessive labor. She was brought back to her agency in Kuwait, and later on was transferred to a job as seamstress. However, she again wanted to be relocated after only a week because of the massive output that she had to accomplish in a short span of time.

Twice now to move, Menalyn was this time taken to the household of Ahmad Otman Alhalabik, of whom she was taken in as baby-sitter to two of her employer’s children. At first, the condition of her work was bearable, and her employer was courteous. But when Menalyn’s contract ended and she told her employer that she decided to go home and have her worsening medical condition checked, she was forbidden. With this, she escaped and sought refuge in the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait for three days. Unfortunately, her employer, who kept all her legal documents and her wage, took her again. It was Menalyn’s sister who went to the Ople Center seeking for assistance in her repatriation, as well as the acquisition of salary. On May 16, 2011, after coordinating with the BFO Center and related government agencies, Menalyn was repatriated from Kuwait, and was reunited with her family.

Josephine from Korea (case closed as of May 21, 2011)
38-year old Josephine is a factory worker in Korea. She left the Philippines to work as an OFW.

Boyet, Josephine’s Filipino boyfriend who also works in Korea, was the person that informed her friend about the said suicide. According to him, he witnessed the suicide, but the testimonials he would give to everyone differed each and every time. Investigations proved that there was no rope used in the suicide, because Boyet supposedly threw it after seeing the body. Until now, there is still a question of whether or not a suicide had actually occurred.

On May of 2011, the task of returning the body to the Philippines fell on the hands of Myrna, the chairman of the association that Josephine was part of. Myrna claimed that the body would be able to return on May 13, but took it back by saying that they still lacked the money salary from Josephine’s employer. Four days later, Josephine’s body was to be repatriated but the money was still not sufficient for the costs to be incurred. With the help of Ople Center, Josephine’s mother went to the OUMWA to ask for speedy assistance for the body to be returned home. On the 21st of May, Josephine’s body finally arrived in the Philippines.

Maricris from Qatar (case closed as of May 23, 2011)
On April 18, 2011, Maricris, a 36-year old DH from Misamis Occidental, was locked up after the Qatar police had arrested her from her employer’s household. Her friend, who did not want to make himself known for his safety, was advised by her relative in the Philippines to seek for assistance in her repatriation. According to the relative, the police investigation of her case in Doha reported that Maricris had been overstaying in her previous employment.

The BFO Center assisted her friend with the processing of her repatriation by asking help frm the OUMWA, who contacted the Philippine Embassy in Qatar. After a few weeks of following up, Maricris’s relative had informed the Center that she had safely arrived in the country.

Donna from Dubai (case closed as of June 15, 2011)
A General Helper in Dubai, Donna longed to go home to the country after suffering from serious health conditions inflicted to her by her employer. On May of 2011, she sent an SMS to her husband, requesting him to contact her agency about her repatriation because she could not stand the abuse. She was given unbearable work, not enough food, and her shoulders were allegedly even pounded on doors, whereupon she suffered swollen body parts.

Her husband called the agency, which corresponded with her employer. The decision reached was that Donna could leave Dubao, if only the agency would provide for her plane ticket. The next day, Donna’s husband gave the agency 400 US Dollars (or 18,000 PhP) so she could immediately be repatriated. According to the agency, within 10 days, Donna would be able to come home. However, it had been more than 10 days and she has yet to return.

Donna’s husband went to the Ople Center for assistance, and they took the case to the OWWA to follow up with her status. On June 17, 2011, it was reported that Donna had arrived in the Philippines safe and was in the company of her family.

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